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best laid plans……. #21

A few days ago, I realized that we no longer have a microwave bacon cooker. I have no idea where it went and being old, I can’t say with any certainty that we even got to Florida last November with … Continue reading

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One man’s knick-knack is another man’s Bric-a-brac,

Last week I sat down to write my weekly column about a visit to a thrift store and wondered if describing it as ‘an upscale thrift store’ would be considered oxymoronic. I never came to any conclusion but decided to … Continue reading

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Surprise. Surprise.

The medical community has recently discovered that differences between sexes are more pervasive than previously thought. This difference was discovered after much research. I could have saved these people a lot of time and money. All they would have had … Continue reading

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Go figure.

Thumbing through a ‘what to do’ weekend insert in the Fort Myers newspaper, I came across an ad that caught my attention. It was for a country club in Naples, Florida that was featuring an ‘open to the public’ invitation … Continue reading

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New Year’s past.

Now that my New Year’s Column has been published, I guess its safe to put it on here. Sorry you don’t get to read it until after the paying customers but that’s the way the world works. My column for … Continue reading

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An attempt at a Christmas letter.

Again this year, Susie asked me to send Holiday greetings to our friends with E-mail accounts. As with last year, I still hesitate to do this, figuring our friends are at least worth the price of a Christmas Card and … Continue reading

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Bad breath blues.

On Thanksgiving day, I was on my way to my hometown and mulling over a subject for my weekly newspaper column. I was also worried about my breath since Susie had told me it smelled horribly. Of course, she has … Continue reading

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