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One man’s knick-knack is another man’s Bric-a-brac,

Last week I sat down to write my weekly column about a visit to a thrift store and wondered if describing it as ‘an upscale thrift store’ would be considered oxymoronic. I never came to any conclusion but decided to … Continue reading

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small appliance OCD. A sad disease.

I fell in love with small electric appliances shortly after my wife and I received our first 2 speed Electric Mixer, a General Electric Model, as a wedding present. This was in 1964 and by mid-1965, I got the hang … Continue reading

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Fool me once…. #32.

A week or so ago, my wife, Susie and I trekked our way North from Florida to Indiana. I did get a column for my weekly effort as well as an aggravated backbone out of the ride. We left our … Continue reading

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Father’s Day

I’m putting my Father’s Day column out here on my Weblog because because I like how it turned out. Normally, when I sit down to write something for these pages, I don’t expect to hear from anyone about what I … Continue reading

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Mother’s Day.

Once in a while, I will reprint my weekly column on this site. I kind of run hot and cold on this practice and my mood usually centers around whether or not I think I might eventually get up the … Continue reading

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I think I’m disappointed.

When I was a young child, 7 or 8 years old and many years ago, my family didn’t have a car and our recreational activities were pretty much confined to where we could walk. But then, one weekend, the couple … Continue reading

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So how do you get to Florida?

We are currently in Florida trying (and succeeding) to get away from the bad weather in Indiana. We have been making this trek for about ten years now and arrived just before the New Year at about the same time … Continue reading

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New Year’s past.

Now that my New Year’s Column has been published, I guess its safe to put it on here. Sorry you don’t get to read it until after the paying customers but that’s the way the world works. My column for … Continue reading

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Bad breath blues.

On Thanksgiving day, I was on my way to my hometown and mulling over a subject for my weekly newspaper column. I was also worried about my breath since Susie had told me it smelled horribly. Of course, she has … Continue reading

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Yearly Tradition #31.

I just had my first whiskey and eggnog of the season. Somewhere during the last year we lost our bottle of whiskey and so I had to buy a new one. I used Early Times for the whiskey because it … Continue reading

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