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The evolution of Geetwo, traveling man.

In our early years of retirement, when we left wherever we had spent the winter months, we usually drove hell-bent for leather towards Indiana. This was mostly my doing, Susie is more than willing to dilly dally along the highways … Continue reading

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Okay, Peter Cottontail and friends. Stay the hell out of my garden.

I have finished planting my garden. This includes staking up my tomatoes, an initial hilling of potatoes, thinning of the okra and kale, plus some rudimentary efforts at controlling the squash borer. I have also considered construction of a scarecrow … Continue reading

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train trip 2 – eastbound and down.

For those of you who have not ridden a train and would like to get an idea of what the experience is like, I’m going to share my ride from Indianapolis to Seattle and back, posting a few pictures along … Continue reading

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I’m doing my part.

Visiting Seattle, a city full of folks who want to protect the earth and it’s natural resources, just makes one want to live green and I’m not talking Kermit green here. I’m talkng environmental, healthy green. Everyrwhere I look, there’s … Continue reading

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Alligator Alley

If you want to see live alligators in the wild (and almost everyone does), try the Big Cypress Oasis Vsitor Center halfway between Naples and Miami on U.S. 41 (the original alligator alley). If you’re more interested in seeing a … Continue reading

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