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Western train trip 2015 – Seattle City Centre-

Most of you know that the reason for our train trip was to visit Seattle and our Son’s family, including our new granddaughter. Yesterday we went to the Seattle City Centre where there is a new playground and a wonderful … Continue reading

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sex education 101

Last week’s newspaper column included the word ‘anathema’, a new word for me. Well, It’s not new as in having never seen it before, I am pretty worldly, you know, but new in the sense that I have been looking … Continue reading

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my, how times have changed.

fifty years ago, I would never be caught in public wearing a funny hat. Now here I am wearing this one as well as my old people cataract surgery sunglasses. Grandpas will do some dumb things. I honestly don’t know … Continue reading

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A tasty treat.

Our granddaughter, ten year old Riley Marie, is now spending her days with us while her parents are toiling away the work day. She is becoming quite the cook and this morning, insisted on making omelets for all of us. … Continue reading

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A few weeks ago, I wrote a column on drinking buttermilk and found out in the process that I kind of like the stuff, primarily because it soothes my innards when I get into the spicy foods. It also helps … Continue reading

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