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Tabouli and Pimento Loaf

During our recent stay in Seattle, we had several ethnic meals, including Indian, Italian, Mexican, Thai and Japanese. I learned several things about food in different cultures, one of which is that the word Curry can mean different things, depending … Continue reading

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best laid plans……. #21

A few days ago, I realized that we no longer have a microwave bacon cooker. I have no idea where it went and being old, I can’t say with any certainty that we even got to Florida last November with … Continue reading

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small appliance OCD. A sad disease.

I fell in love with small electric appliances shortly after my wife and I received our first 2 speed Electric Mixer, a General Electric Model, as a wedding present. This was in 1964 and by mid-1965, I got the hang … Continue reading

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Fool me once…. #32.

A week or so ago, my wife, Susie and I trekked our way North from Florida to Indiana. I did get a column for my weekly effort as well as an aggravated backbone out of the ride. We left our … Continue reading

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Go figure.

Thumbing through a ‘what to do’ weekend insert in the Fort Myers newspaper, I came across an ad that caught my attention. It was for a country club in Naples, Florida that was featuring an ‘open to the public’ invitation … Continue reading

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New Year’s past.

Now that my New Year’s Column has been published, I guess its safe to put it on here. Sorry you don’t get to read it until after the paying customers but that’s the way the world works. My column for … Continue reading

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WTF?? #23

A little one line item this month in my AARP bulletin caught my eye. In essence, it said “FDA approves shipping of chickens slaughtered in the United States to China for processing and return to this country for consumption. I … Continue reading

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