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thank God there are some things we can still count on.

Gas is pushing 4 dollars a gallon again because of the unrest in Iraq brought on by the uprising of Islamic terrorists, the same group of barbarians who are busy dragging us back to the middle ages while we stand … Continue reading

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WTF?? #23

A little one line item this month in my AARP bulletin caught my eye. In essence, it said “FDA approves shipping of chickens slaughtered in the United States to China for processing and return to this country for consumption. I … Continue reading

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The #1 World History Event in my lifetime.

For those of you who do not subscribe to the Mooresville, Martinsville or Loogootee, Indiana newspapers, I am attaching a copy of the text for my column for this week. The end of the world’s Camelot and the beginning of … Continue reading

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Are we sure about this.

The A.M.A. recently declared that Obesity is a disease Here’s another one of those ‘Let’s not take any personal responsibility” things.That’s the last thing this country needs, an excuse for the Obesity epidemic. If we have a reason for being … Continue reading

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To all my E-mail friends:

Just a word of advice for you. I’m not much for reading forwarded e-mails. Chances are the message has already passed my way at least once, especially when the subject line includes the acronym ‘FWD’ two, three or even more … Continue reading

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In this morning’s news. —- I guess you can call it that.

The Internet is fast becoming the media of choice for folks to turn to for their news. It is so much easier and faster. You don’t have to walk outside the front door to pick up a newspaper. The effect … Continue reading

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Some recommended travel Stops (With a caveat)

We, (Susie, myself and Fiona II, our fifth wheel) left Estero, Florida the first week of March planning to set up shop in Panama City Beach at St. Andrew’s State Park. I initially planned to make the 520 mile trip … Continue reading

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I’m gonna have to get a hearing aid.

This morning, I was watching the television news and the announcer said something about Tim Conway before cutting away to a commercial. I thought perhaps he had died and since I am a big fan of his, I hung around … Continue reading

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Damnit it to hell!

I was just reading the last post I put on here and realized that the Olympics have started and the furor over the chinese made U.S. Uniforms has completely disappeared. It’s that way with everything that happens in this country … Continue reading

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Gypsies? Am I allowed to say that??

My column on gypsies came about because my wife and I have talked at some length abut holding a tag sale in our barn but the more I thought about it, the less I liked the idea of a bunch … Continue reading

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