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Train travel for dummies – part 3

This piece started life as a blog post but as usual, when it came time to submit my weekly gibberish to the newspapers, I wasn’t ready with what I was working on and was not in the mood to finish … Continue reading

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Western train trip 2015 – Seattle City Centre-

Most of you know that the reason for our train trip was to visit Seattle and our Son’s family, including our new granddaughter. Yesterday we went to the Seattle City Centre where there is a new playground and a wonderful … Continue reading

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Promontory Point anniversary.

I probably would not have paid any attention to this anniversary had I not just completed a long train trip. But since I did notice it, I decided to waste a little time and do some research on the story. … Continue reading

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train trip 2 – eastbound and down.

For those of you who have not ridden a train and would like to get an idea of what the experience is like, I’m going to share my ride from Indianapolis to Seattle and back, posting a few pictures along … Continue reading

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A train trip.

Last week, I rode the train from Indianapolis to Seattle in part I hoped to get something interesting in the way of a Newspaper column and I did. Actually I got two, the second of which I just sent off … Continue reading

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Another effort.

I mentioned earlier that I was impressed with my daughter’s accomplishing 365 days worth of photos in 2009. I tried it last year and lasted about a week. This year I hope to go a little longer. In an effort to … Continue reading

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A funny feeling.

During our travels of the last eight years, we have met many people who questioned the wisdom of our lifestyle because of the possiblility of suffering some  medical problem in an out of the way location.  I never really understood that … Continue reading

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free peanut butter.

On our way home from Florida, I found a bargain at this fruit stand in rural Georgia. They were giving away ten pounds of peanut butter with every purchase of fresh boiled peanuts. I had two helpings of those boiled … Continue reading

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If we only had Scooby-do….

My wife. Susie, our son, Jason and I  arrived home in Indiana yesterday evening after a three weeks in Florida. On our way home we spent Friday night in a Motel in Northern Alabama. Saturday morning,  the weather was terrible and … Continue reading

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Tell me, are we still at war??

I haven’t been on here to post in a couple of weeks because Susie and I went to Florida to get out of the Indiana cold for a little while. We spent 10 days tent camping in the Koreshan Historical … Continue reading

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