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Western train trip 2015 – Seattle City Centre-

Most of you know that the reason for our train trip was to visit Seattle and our Son’s family, including our new granddaughter. Yesterday we went to the Seattle City Centre where there is a new playground and a wonderful … Continue reading

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Mother’s Day.

Once in a while, I will reprint my weekly column on this site. I kind of run hot and cold on this practice and my mood usually centers around whether or not I think I might eventually get up the … Continue reading

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Pictures worth a thousand words.

A few weeks back, I posted a story about evil men and coffee cups. At the time I wrote it, the cup featured in the story was packed away in preparation for our trip home so I couldn’t include a … Continue reading

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And now comes the hard part.

For those of you who were not aware, I have been in the hospital since last tuesday awaiting surgery on my gallbladder but because I am on a bloodthinner due to my atrial fibrillation issues, I had to wait several … Continue reading

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a story of music.

This morning, Susie and I were listening to a classic rock and roll radio station when a song came on that I have heard occasionally in the past. I have no idea how long its been around but I’d like … Continue reading

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Gypsies? Am I allowed to say that??

My column on gypsies came about because my wife and I have talked at some length abut holding a tag sale in our barn but the more I thought about it, the less I liked the idea of a bunch … Continue reading

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Well, I didn’t do it again.

I’m sitting at home watching a July 4th celebration in Washington, D.C. on television. Later, we’ll be watching the Boston Pops from the comfort of our easy chair. For the last ten years, I have done this and for the … Continue reading

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You can have your mooses or how I became a man – part 77.

Once again, I find myself looking for something to fill up these pages. If you skip down a post or two, you will find that the President of our country got my hackles up with what can best be described … Continue reading

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first communion.

Another rite of passage  in a young person’s life. I went through the same thing 62 years ago and I was going to put my First Communion picture on here but I couldn’t find it. I did find our group … Continue reading

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Another missed opportunity.

In 1981, the first of the shuttle flights took place. At the time, I decided I needed to watch one of the launches but I still had 6 mouths to feed, including my own. There was no just jumping up and going … Continue reading

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