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One man’s knick-knack is another man’s Bric-a-brac,

Last week I sat down to write my weekly column about a visit to a thrift store and wondered if describing it as ‘an upscale thrift store’ would be considered oxymoronic. I never came to any conclusion but decided to … Continue reading

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Fool me once…. #32.

A week or so ago, my wife, Susie and I trekked our way North from Florida to Indiana. I did get a column for my weekly effort as well as an aggravated backbone out of the ride. We left our … Continue reading

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A scary time.

A couple of weeks ago, Susie and I took our granddaughter on an outing. It was sort of a self serving trip because I remember how much I enjoyed learning history and since she is getting old enough to appreciate … Continue reading

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Another fact of life.

Getting older means undergoing the loss of friends and family members on a regular basis. I am learning, even though it’s hard, to accept death as a normal part of living and I wake up every morning pleased that I’m … Continue reading

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