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Christmas Shopping story #61.

 I have never been one of those folks who is enamored with shopping. Of any kind. And that goes double for with Christmas shopping. I expect that’s why I experienced the incident described below in my Newspaper column. It was warm … Continue reading

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Damnit it to hell!

I was just reading the last post I put on here and realized that the Olympics have started and the furor over the chinese made U.S. Uniforms has completely disappeared. It’s that way with everything that happens in this country … Continue reading

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No luck on a grill brush.

I fired up our grill a couple of days ago and could not find the grill brush from home. Lowe’s is the only close place to buy something like that here. I looked at grill brushes from 2.97 to almost … Continue reading

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A quick report.

Yesterday, I needed to buy batteries for the camera because I had worn the last ones out. I went to Walgreen’s where I found the store brand on sale for 8 at 3.99. These were made in Indonesia. The energizer … Continue reading

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Okay. I’ve had enough.

Sometime last fall, I decided I would not buy any items made in China and found this effort  to be an impossible task. Tools, clothes, toys, electronics, appliances, both small and large, it is all made in China.  I’m sure … Continue reading

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