Gordon Grindstaff  is a retired Information Technology Consultant who, early in his working life, considered writing for a living. However, his early attempts at storytelling coincided with the discovery that his children were big eaters and writing as a profession provided for only small portions at the dinner table. 

His current business card identifies him as a humorist and while his wife Susie might disagree, his writing will back up the title. His humor springs from the experiences of being raised in  post WWII  Loogootee, a small town in Southern Indiana.

Raising 4 children with his wife, Susie,  tested  that sense of humor and on more than occasion, had it down on the mat for the 3 count. That experience, along with 40 plus years of marriage, 35 years in the world of Corporate silliness and life’s everyday situations has sharpened his wit  to the point where he is considered one of Monrovia, Indiana’s premier humorists.

             He and Susie retired in 2001, sold practically everything they owned and set out in their RV to see the country. Their travels led to a self syndicated Newspaper column published weekly in four newspapers in two countries as well as a monthly piece for Senior Life Magazine of Southwest Florida..

His work also appears occasionally in at least 3 other publications but has been largely ignored by a couple of hundred rags whose editors have resisted Mr. Grindstaff’s constant whining about being published.

G2 is also the Author of ‘Travels with Susie’, ‘Good Times and Bad’ and ‘Those were the days’, all action packed stories of adventures encountered during he and Susie’s trip around the country in their truck and fifth wheel camper.

            His readership, at last count, now numbers in the dozens and spans the
United States from North to South and east to west not to mention the Mediterranean Coast of Spain. .  

            Sometimes hilarious, sometimes sentimental, once in a while nostalgic and always entertaining, his words will touch your heart and your funny bone.


2 Responses to About

  1. Jim and Nancy Squires says:

    To refresh your memory, we met you folks and shared a few “happy hours” at CottonHill a couple years back. We have not forgotten you and Susie….have been catching up on the many stories you have put out there ! Now on the road, 9th year as a matter of fact, heading south for the winter. Hanging out in Southern OH for a few days. Loved your Mother’s Day and Father’s Day columns, and yes, we are still smiling and enjoying…..
    Nancy and Jim Squires

  2. Cathy Humphreys says:

    Just leaving my mark on here too; you’ll never get rid of me at this rate! Cathy xx

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