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An ode to shoes – part two.

Just below this post, you should find another one entitled ‘an ode to shoes – part one’ or words to that effect. If you haven’t read that one, when you do, you wil discover the sad story of a naive … Continue reading

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An ode to shoes – part one.

A couple of weeks ago, I posted a little ditty about Crocs, the sandal loved by every Metrosexual and hippie (young or old) in the country. When I was finished telling my story, I had enough content to get a … Continue reading

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It’s all done, Rosemary.

For some reason, I remember my mother, Rosemary, telling me about growing potatoes and the necessity of a process called ‘laying ’em by’. I guess that was a rural colloquialism for hilling the rows. If you’re not familiar with either … Continue reading

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Are we sure about this.

The A.M.A. recently declared that Obesity is a disease Here’s another one of those ‘Let’s not take any personal responsibility” things.That’s the last thing this country needs, an excuse for the Obesity epidemic. If we have a reason for being … Continue reading

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Allright. New shoes. I can go to school.

Several years ago, my son sent me a pair of plastic shoes, at least I think rhey’re plastic. He told me that these shoes that were riddled with holes were all the rage in Seattle where he lived and they … Continue reading

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….. and counting.

Last week was our anniversary, a good subject for my weekly column. I’m introducing it here for those folks who don’t get the newspaper. This week will mark the 49th wedding anniversary for my wife, Susie and I. It’s safe … Continue reading

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To all my E-mail friends:

Just a word of advice for you. I’m not much for reading forwarded e-mails. Chances are the message has already passed my way at least once, especially when the subject line includes the acronym ‘FWD’ two, three or even more … Continue reading

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