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Some recommended travel Stops (With a caveat)

We, (Susie, myself and Fiona II, our fifth wheel) left Estero, Florida the first week of March planning to set up shop in Panama City Beach at St. Andrew’s State Park. I initially planned to make the 520 mile trip … Continue reading

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The evolution of Geetwo, traveling man.

In our early years of retirement, when we left wherever we had spent the winter months, we usually drove hell-bent for leather towards Indiana. This was mostly my doing, Susie is more than willing to dilly dally along the highways … Continue reading

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I’m gonna have to get a hearing aid.

This morning, I was watching the television news and the announcer said something about Tim Conway before cutting away to a commercial. I thought perhaps he had died and since I am a big fan of his, I hung around … Continue reading

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One more time.

It’s been over four months since I have posted anything to this log. It’s not that I have not had anything to say. It was more a problem with the whole idea of maintaining a steady stream of curmudgeoness. I … Continue reading

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