Aww, what the hell??

A couple of weeks ago, I read a critique on someone’s blog. I don’t remember the name of the blog or the person who wrote the critique but I did remember this from the critique:

“All this guy does is post dumb things about his garden and his efforts at cooking.”

That could have been me the reviewer was talking about. It wasn’t but it could have been. For a while after reading this, I considered only posting exciting things but that doesn’t work. I never do anything exciting.

So I guess if you are going to stop here for a visit, just expect some ho-hum stuff.

Today’s post concerns our dinner last evening. Much of my garden is burnt up from the heat and the drought but my tomato and pepper plants are producing vegetables, They’re a bit smaller than in a normal year (whatever a normal year is) but they’re still good.

I have a couple of Big Jim New Mexico chile pepper plants that I picked 8 peppers from yesterday afternoon and then went in search of a recipe to use them in. I found a bacon wrapped stuffed chile that I fixed reasoning that anything with bacon would be good.

And it was. Susie contributed Romaine lettuce sprinkled with garlic, salt, pepper and Montreal steak seasoning. These went on the grill with the peppers. Some sliced tomatoes rounded out our meal. It took forever to prepare the stuffing and get the whole mess on the grill. And it was a mess, I ad-libbed the recipe, substituting a slice of pepperack cheese for the cannelini beans mostly because I like pepperjack cheese but also because I have no idea what cannelini beans are. I probably should have baked the things since the cheese melted and ran all over the grill.
It was after nine P.M. when we sat down to eat. I don’t like to eat that late. My innards like to have time digest everything before I go to bed. Luckily, I make a big mess when I cook so it takes a while to clean up.

We went to bed a bit later than normal, happy and contented.

About geetwo

I am a 69 year old (in 2009) retired I.T. consultant. My wife, Susie and I travel in an RV 6 to 8 months a year. I write a humor / travel column for several print publications on a weekly basis.
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2 Responses to Aww, what the hell??

  1. Betty Beier says:

    I am sure that guy was not talking about you—and if he was,what the heck. The rest of us enjoy your “stuff” that you write about.

  2. idiotprufs says:

    I’ve never felt the need to criticise another person’s blog; If I don’t like it, I simply don’t read it.

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