It’s a new world, alright – part 26

Growing up in Loogootee, Indiana, Sunday dinner at our house could be counted on to be fried chicken, green beans or corn with plenty of mashed potatoes and chicken gravy. No more.

Today, with Susie and I working in tandem, we put together shrimp scampi with a white wine sauce.
shrimp scampi

shrimp scampi – eat your heart out, Bubba Gump!

The shrimp was accompanied by grilled Asparagus and fresh summer squash from our garden and finished off by a Pinot Grigio that delivered a hint of fresh fruit with a strong oaken finish.

a grill full of veggies.

The dinner was delicious and its the kind of stuff we eat now when we cook but I sure do miss that fried chicken. I could sure go for a big plateful of crispy chicken legs but if I’m going to see 80, I expect my fried chicken days are over.
It does bother me some that I am not following in my mom’s shoes when it comes to cooking. I am a little bit worried that when she looks down from heaven, she won’t recognize me.

P.S. I made up that fancy stuff about the Wine. It was a Pinot Grigio and I like it but it could taste like Ripple for all I know.


About geetwo

I am a 69 year old (in 2009) retired I.T. consultant. My wife, Susie and I travel in an RV 6 to 8 months a year. I write a humor / travel column for several print publications on a weekly basis.
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