reason number 327…..

why the United States is on its way to oblivion.

Kim Kardashian and Lindsay Lohan were guests of the Obamas last evening at the White House correspondents dinner. There are so many things wrong with this that I don’t know where to begin to register my protest. Perhaps I’ll think of something as soon as I finish throwing up my lunch.


About geetwo

I am a 69 year old (in 2009) retired I.T. consultant. My wife, Susie and I travel in an RV 6 to 8 months a year. I write a humor / travel column for several print publications on a weekly basis.
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3 Responses to reason number 327…..

  1. Actually, Lohan and Kardashian were invited by Fox News ( so you can thank them for the continuing debasement of our country.

    • geetwo says:

      That is interesting information. I should have done a little more research before getting my dander up. As you pointed out in our earlier correspondence, it may have been an end run by the ‘right’ to reinforce the notion that the President is just another of the ‘Hollywood’ type leftists.
      If that was the case with Fox News, it worked. It certainly upset me. Still does, as a mater of fact, regardless of why they were there.

  2. Dian says:

    I don’t think you’ll ever come up with a viable reason; so don’t waste your lunch and throw it up–it’s not worth it. Just go with the flow.

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