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A train trip.

Last week, I rode the train from Indianapolis to Seattle in part I hoped to get something interesting in the way of a Newspaper column and I did. Actually I got two, the second of which I just sent off … Continue reading

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reason number 327…..

why the United States is on its way to oblivion. Kim Kardashian and Lindsay Lohan were guests of the Obamas last evening at the White House correspondents dinner. There are so many things wrong with this that I don’t know … Continue reading

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I’m doing my part.

Visiting Seattle, a city full of folks who want to protect the earth and it’s natural resources, just makes one want to live green and I’m not talking Kermit green here. I’m talkng environmental, healthy green. Everyrwhere I look, there’s … Continue reading

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I don’t understand.

Yesterday’s Indianapolis Star featured a story on the Indiana Youth Group (IYG), an LGBT organization aimed at young people ages 12 – 20. I am not on here to discuss the merits (or demerits?) of this group. It’s not really … Continue reading

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