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Once again, Andy was correct.

A couple of weeks ago, I posted a curmudgeonly observation about the latest lady to admit having an affair with President Kennedy. A lady named Mimi Alford wrote a book about her experience and made the rounds of the morning … Continue reading

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Alligator Alley

If you want to see live alligators in the wild (and almost everyone does), try the Big Cypress Oasis Vsitor Center halfway between Naples and Miami on U.S. 41 (the original alligator alley). If you’re more interested in seeing a … Continue reading

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Same cake. Different icing.

Standing in line this evening at the grocery store waiting to check out when this caught my eye. The editors at Cosmopolitan need to come up with a different teaser. This obsession with numbers has got to go. Watch the … Continue reading

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Oh, for god’s sake.

I’ve put enough crap out here for a few days and I thought I was through for a while but….. I just finished watching the Chris Mathews show and I’m sitting here in my chair relaxing while I answer my … Continue reading

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You can have your mooses or how I became a man – part 77.

Once again, I find myself looking for something to fill up these pages. If you skip down a post or two, you will find that the President of our country got my hackles up with what can best be described … Continue reading

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I’m on some unsure footing here but……

Yesterday, the president backed off his order to force all religious organizations to provide birth control for their employees. But that has not really solved the problem. He has just cast an unconstitutional move in a new light. The title … Continue reading

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Just my luck.

On this mornings news show, there was a segment on a lady who slept with President Kennedy when she was a 19 year old intern and then continued to do so for a year and a half, even when she … Continue reading

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