nice breakfast.

Took Poco (our dog) to the groomer in Fort Myers Beach on the island this morning. Stopped at this place for breakfast on the reccomendation from the groomer. We normally don’t like to eat in tourist places because most of them are not concerned about repeat business but since the lady lives on the island, we decided to take a chance.

I had some right out of the skillet home fries with onion that were some of the better fries I’ve ever had. All you tater tot lovers would throw rocks at your artificial tots if you ever got the chance to eat some of these.


About geetwo

I am a 69 year old (in 2009) retired I.T. consultant. My wife, Susie and I travel in an RV 6 to 8 months a year. I write a humor / travel column for several print publications on a weekly basis.
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