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salmon country.

Last week’s newspaper column with pictures. Early in the 1990’s, my wife, Susie and I joined the ranks of empty nesters and decided that would be a good time to venture out on vacation by ourselves for the first time … Continue reading

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I wonder why it is…..

That in 1956, when gasoline was 23 cents a gallon, I could get all the free road maps I wanted from the service station and free air for my tires to boot. On this beautiful September, 2011 morning in Winthrop, … Continue reading

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A meeting I’m probably going to miss.

I was perusing thru one of Seattle’s free newspapers yesterday and this page caught my eye. A class for cats who throw up. I was not aware this was a big problem for cats but I obviously don’t know everything. … Continue reading

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An experiment.

Pictured below is the Time Warp Inductive Transducer (TWIT) I’ve been working on with my neighbor, a kid named Calvin. We think, that with this device, we can channel thouught patterns to other spots on the time-space continuum and perhaps … Continue reading

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An evening in Indianapolis.

A few days ago, the news had a story about the downtown Indianapolis monument and the statue called Miss Liberty that had been removed from the structure to be cleaned and repaired. The 38 foot statue was ready to be … Continue reading

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