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Okay, Ann Landers. I need an answer.

Which of the following are socially acceptable  articles of clothing when dining at the Ponderosa all you can eat buffet? A.  Camoflauge pants B.  Tee shirt with message that reads ‘Guns don’t kill people……’ C. wife beater undershirt D, Blouse worn … Continue reading

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Alright, Farmers Almanac. you’d better deliver.

This past February, in a fit of  the winter doldrums, I ordered a copy of the Vegetable Gardeners Bible by Edmund C Smith. There were lots of hints about growing champion tasting vegetables including raised bed gardening. I took this … Continue reading

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I wonder —- part 12.

Why are almost 100 percent of my phone calls to various and sundry physicians, pharmacies, utility companies, Magazine publishers and marital aids establishments being monitored for Quality Control? Is it me? Am I not to be trusted to say the right … Continue reading

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Easter Monday Menu.

Breakfast — Hardboiled, blue in color,  Easter Egg Lunch — Hardboiled, tie dyed Easter Egg. Only two dozen to go. Dinner — Ham and Beans. I have two ham bones left over from yesterdays festivities. Both are covered in scraps … Continue reading

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I wonder:

Today in church, one of the funeral directors in town was in the pew in front of us with his family. A small boy, maybe 3 or 4,  was fidgeting around as small boys are wont to do. It made me … Continue reading

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Good God, People.

Last night I rented the movie ‘The Social Network’ and finished watching it about 1 iin the morning. I couldn’t sleep after that , amazed by how Facebook originated. I realize it was a movie but if the depiction of the … Continue reading

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The more things change…

I read in the morning paper that the Indiana Pacers lost their opening playoff game after leading for the first 45 minutes. The Chicago Bulls went on a 16-1 scoring tear to put the game away in the last three … Continue reading

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