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Off to work. – 1905 style.

A luncheon was held here at the park on Saturday with a setting and food from 1905. We had to become folks from the turn of the 20th century. These pictures were taken by Suzanne Bergeron. My job was to take … Continue reading

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education sucks – and goodbye U.S., part two.

My granddaughters birthday is wednesday and she will be nine years old. There will be no pictures of her on here today or ever. Although I am not convinced that potential kidnappers are trolling the internet just looking for little … Continue reading

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And people wonder why the education system sucks.

Last night on the news, the mother of a middle school girl was demanding that a teacher be fired or at least suspended because the teacher sent her daughter to the Principals office. The girl’s offense: Because the girl was … Continue reading

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Til we meet again, Sally.

Sally Bell, volunteer and dear friend of everyone here at the park passed away in Maine last week after losing a courageous battle with Pancreatic cancer. After a short discussion, it was decided by all of us here at the … Continue reading

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They warned me.

We were in the Everglades yesterday at the Big Cypress National preserve. “I’m going out to look around.” I told Susie, who was talking to a park ranger. “Watch where you’re walking.” The Ranger said.  “Hey. I didn’t just fall … Continue reading

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There’s supposed to be a picture here.

A few days ago, I was leading a tour of middle schoolers from the Fort Myers area through the State Park Historic settlement. I had a good time joking with some of the kids and when we were all done, … Continue reading

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Good Lord, what happened to January?

I just noticed I have not been out here for some time. I’ve been busy but after looking at my daughter, Julie’s weblog, it inspired me to get back on here. I am putting this picture out here to honor my brother, … Continue reading

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