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Buffalo Bill.

I’ve always been a fan of the old west and when I was studying things to see on our trip west, I came across the Buffalo Bill State Park in North Platte, Nebraska.  Unlike Herbert Hoover’s birthplace in West Branch, Iowa … Continue reading

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Now I understand why he’s a judge.

I met this fellow in Nebraska who had co-owned an SUV with his brother and a few months ago, thaey had a falling out over the vehicle. They fought over it and finally ended up in court where a judge (his … Continue reading

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My life is complete.

I have seen the promised land and it’s made of chrome.

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why is this guy smiling??

  His name is Mike and he is the guy who finally found the problem with the trailer brakes. We spent about 24 hours in Carlock, Illinois waiting to gewt the brakes fixed. There was an intermittent problem when the … Continue reading

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Why don’t these people ever get old??

And who is that weirdo in the middle???

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A hitch in our get-along.

We are currently parked in a campground in Carlock, Illinois awaiting tomorrow morning when we will have our trailer brakes fixed. They had been acting up since we left and I finally decided that we had better not go any … Continue reading

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The big trip.

We left Indiana yesterday evening at 5:15 bound for the NW coast of Washington State. We had planned to leave early in the day but it was a rainy, gloomy day and this hampered our preparation and packing chores somewhat. … Continue reading

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Some bad news with a silver lining.

I am giving up on my daily picture project. Thanks to a broken camera, no internet access and a bad case of procratination, I am so far behind I would never catch up. I plan to continue adding pictures but just … Continue reading

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first communion.

Another rite of passage  in a young person’s life. I went through the same thing 62 years ago and I was going to put my First Communion picture on here but I couldn’t find it. I did find our group … Continue reading

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Monday’s paper contained a story that reported Bristol Palin, Sarah’s daughter, is commanding 15 to 30 thousand dollars appearance money for speaking engagements.  This is according to her agent, who was quoted in the story.  I guess I’m going to have … Continue reading

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