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I need some advice.

I’m trying to step up my efforts in the healthiness department and I was wondering; what’s a good way to eat Flax seeds? My brother in law puts a handful in his cereal but I don’t like the looks of … Continue reading

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Is this totally gross?????

I finished up the last of a bag of english muffins this morning and started to throw the bag away when I realized it would make a great bag for picking up dog poop in our campground. However, the more … Continue reading

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Where do these rules come from??

We don’t have a lot of room in our camper so I try to keep things policed up whenever possible. Yesterday, I picked up a small stack of magazines which we subscribe to; Sports Illustrated and Time and told Susie … Continue reading

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Oh, for god’s sake… Snow-pocalypse?? puuuleease.

Who is the guy that comes up with this stuff? Washington, D.C. shut down for a week?? How is that a snow-pocalypse?? It sounds like a gift from god.

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There is no joy in Mudville or Indianapolis, for that matter.

This is the first chance I have had to get on here since the ballgame ended and the title of this post was what I wanted to say last Monday morning but it has now been a week and I … Continue reading

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