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A true rumor (sort of)

This morning I was up early juggling our budget numbers around trying to come up with a way to pay the property taxes that are coming due next month. Coincidentally,  I received an e-mail from a friend with a link … Continue reading

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any wooly worm watchers out there?

Does this look like we’re in for a bad winter?  All wooly worms look pretty much alike to me but then again, I’ve never really made a study of them.        

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a conversation among friends.

“Hey, Poco, what’s for dinner??” “Well, Rocky, We’re having baked mole if you’ll give me time to dig one up. ” “Ummmmm.., I think I’d rather have something out of the fish pond and besides, You’re not supposed to be … Continue reading

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Want to impress your friends and neighbors??

If you can somehow bring it up in a conversation, you might ask what the fear of Halloween  is called in medical circles. Then again, maybe it’s not worth the bother.

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Are you an outdoorsman (or woman)?

From one of my Sierra Club mailings, A hiking group.

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check this out.

Especially if you like farmer’s markets.

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I didn’t know that.

I was watching Good Morning America to get today’s weather when a segment on how to handle pets and the stress that Halloween causes them came on.  I had not realized that Halloween was stressful on our pets. Unfortunately, I didn’t find … Continue reading

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High Blood pressure reason number 122.

Two months ago, I happened across a fancy Mr. Coffee coffee maker that had all kinds of bells and whistles. It was on sale at a really good price so I bought it even though we normally only buy ‘plain jane’ because we have not … Continue reading

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What exactly…….

is an ‘overactive bladder’?  The television just asked me if had one. I don’t think I do. I thought the overactive label belonged to kids. Silly Rabbit. I will say that my  bladder does get a little frisky after a beer or two but … Continue reading

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My fifteen seconds of fame.

My home town newspaper runs a weekly feature called ‘Days gone by’. in which they select tidbits out of 25, 50, 70 and 80 year old issues. In last weeks edition, under the fifty year old news,  was an excerpt from … Continue reading

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