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Questions for my upcoming marriage manual. #172.

How do you prefer that your bacon be cooked?  My wife, Susie, always prepares it in the Microwave covered by a paper towel while I like to see it in the skillet with grease spattering all over the stove.  There’s … Continue reading

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things that stop a spoonful of Wheaties halfway to my mouth. #12.

Whatever happened to that guy that allegedly bought the Senate seat in Illinois?  The last I heard, he was being urged to resign by everyone in the country except for Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and the News Media.

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No wonder.

One more for Tater, God rest his soul. A Hollywood resident has auctioned off the crypt site where her husband is interred. It just happens to be right above the crypt occupied by Marilyn Monroe. The lady said that she … Continue reading

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The initial Tater entry.

Coroners and Pathologists are now identifying unknown deceased persons by using the serial numbers found on any of their manufactured body parts. This was how they identified the latest celebrity victim who was murdered by her reality TV ‘Star’ husband.  Her … Continue reading

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The second Tater entry.

I read a blurb today that ‘Garcia’ and ‘Rodriguez’ are now among America’s top ten surnames.  No mention of ‘Grindstaff’.

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I’m adding another post category.

I decided this morning after watching the morning news that I need a new category where I can lump some of my posts. I’m planning to use it for sort of a not so serious cross between ‘decline and fall of the USA’, ‘For … Continue reading

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why women in the Middle East…

are not allowed to drive. Long ago, It seems that one of the 17 wives of an oil rich Sultan was irritated that she was not allowed to command any of the flying magic carpets that the Sultan had at … Continue reading

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You can’t teach an old dog…….

Three more days until Susie comes home. Still no dirty dishes left in the sink. I have considered making this week of bachelordom the theme of this week’s newspaper column but I have already done a column like that twice … Continue reading

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A dilemma that has nothing to do with tomatoes.

One of the papers that carries my column has started to charge readers for access to their web page. Some of the people who read my stuff have found it through the internet and are now faced with the decision … Continue reading

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friday morning.

I am starting my fourth day without Susie in the house and surprisingly, there are no dirty dishes in the sink. The bed is made, sort of, and I’m ready to face the day.  The weather is perfect; low seventies, … Continue reading

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