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Who? Me? Dig Potatoes?? Why, I wouldn’t do that.

Back in April, I had a post on here about planting potatoes. I think at the time I said that if I could keep the potato bugs, the japanese beetles and Susie out of the garden, the potatoes would have … Continue reading

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Hey, Tennessee Ernie. It’s another peapicker.

I got my camera back from the shop after a six week hiatus and I was in the garden area when it was delivered.¬†Needing to try it out, I looked around and spied a pea picker down by the asparagus. … Continue reading

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Okay. Enough with the vacation.

I have not had a post on here since May. My original plan was to take the summer off from blogging and¬† just try to adapt to a new social communication technology – FaceBook. It’s already been superseded by twitter … Continue reading

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