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If you really want proof…..

I have seen some evidence of the monetary crisis around Indianapolis but if you really want to see the results of the consumerism binge, come to Florida. The boarded up restaurants, the empty condos, the brand new strip malls with … Continue reading

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Tell me, are we still at war??

I haven’t been on here to post in a couple of weeks because Susie and I went to Florida to get out of the Indiana cold for a little while. We spent 10 days tent camping in the Koreshan Historical … Continue reading

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I wonder when the movie will be out.

Scientists in Colombia have discovered the fossilized skeletal remains of a  huge snake.   I’m impressed. I thought the only thing they did in Colombia was grow coffee and cocaine.  I won’t dwell any longer on this. I’m not your noprmal snake lover, anyway and … Continue reading

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the battle is lost.

I think I mentioned earlier that Susie has been at war trying to keep the squirrels out of her bird feeder. Here are the latest photos of the skirmish directly from the battlefield. Both of the photos were taken by … Continue reading

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This is a post about my grandaughter, Riley Marie. If you’re not into proud grandpa stuff, better skip this one. This is a link to the film to be used in a Kohls / Riley Hospital  commercial this spring. reading

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