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Generational differences.

A tragic accident a few days ago claimed the lives of a young Iraq war veteran and his two year old son.  I came across the obituary  and was struck by the fact that the two year old has three … Continue reading

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Don’t let them know.

I decided this year that I would plant some asparagus so that Susie and I could enjoy this delicious vegetable(?) for six or seven weeks every summer. I was just reading up on the care of asparagus and have discovered … Continue reading

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Saturday morning at Grandma’s.

Riley Marie spent weekdays during the summer at our house and after she went back to school, we missed having her here during our breakfast hour. On Friday after school, she came to the barn and then spent the night with … Continue reading

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Times have changed.

With all the political furor swirling around our country, my stomach is in a constant uproar. It is not a good time to be a truthseeker or an admirer of objectivity.  Now, another occurrence that has me pondering our ever changing world. A … Continue reading

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I smell a rat.

WordPress is the host for this and a couple of million other weblogs. One of the features of their log on page is a randomly selected list of different blogs in different categories that changes every time you come into … Continue reading

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It’s a sad day.

The Carmel (indiana) dad’s club, an organization that sponsors youth sports,  has announced that it will no longer supply shirts with first names on the back to any participants in any of the programs.  This is being done to prevent sexual predators from … Continue reading

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fifty years

It has now been a month since I attended the fiftieth anniversary celebration of my high school graduation. I have gained a few pounds since that evening because I don’t have that upcoming event to hold me back when I sit down … Continue reading

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A proud grandpa.

At last thursday’s Colt’s Game, our Granddaughter, Riley Marie, was asked to lead the team onto the field before the game. She was driven out on the field in the Lucas Oil motorcycle. Riley Marie took it all in stride. She … Continue reading

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Hello, again.

It has been quite some time since I have done anything on this web log and I have let it languish because of several things. 1. While we were in Washington State, a hiker, a woman in her early fifties … Continue reading

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