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Blackberry season.

The berry bushes in our yard are producing a bumper crop of either blackberries or black raspberries. My friend, Larry, says that they’re raspberries because it’s too early for blackberries. He’s a farmer so I’m assuming he knows what he’s … Continue reading

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I hate that.

I just posted a picture of my granddaughter on my weblog and somewhere in the back of my mind was this warning I read about pictures of children on the internet. ‘Don’t ever do it.’ was what the warning said. … Continue reading

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wedding plans

Our family has been very busy preparing for our son Joe’s wedding in Seattle on August 9th. Susie and our daughter, Julie, have been looking for some months now for a dress that my granddaughter can wear as the official … Continue reading

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nope, they’re not grapes.

We have several fruit trees in our yard that I bought over the years, usually at season ending sales.  This year, we had one bearing what I first thought were peaches but it turned out they weren’t.  This tree’s branches … Continue reading

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Should we be insulted?

Wal-mart just opened a new supercenter in Heartland Crossing just north of Mooresville. I’m not sure why their management felt that another big box store was needed in this area but that’s not the point of this drivel.  Susie wanted … Continue reading

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How could they not pick High Noon? Boo. Hiss.

I was sitting on the couch half asleep this evening when a tv show called the AFI top ten (or something like that) came on. I thought it had something to do with Americas funniest home videos (which aren’t, by … Continue reading

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Actually, it should probably be God Bless Indiana.

I’m beginning to think we need it. I got the Marion County  make up bill for the property taxes on our two properties in Indianapolis.  Don’t ask me what the make-up bill was for. It is way too complicated. Suffice … Continue reading

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And there wasn’t even a worm on it.

Just when I thought we might have a little money left over this month, along came the 176 dollar fish hook. Why do fish hooks cost so much?  Actually, they don’t. That’s what it cost to remove one after our cute little puppy … Continue reading

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I tried to warn her.

But no-o-oo-ooo-o.  She had to have a bite of that lemon.

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What’s in a name?

Riley Marie wrapped up her ABC’s first, is well into reading now and she just graduated from Kindergarten. She is now learning to spell. This came in handy recently when Susie had a problem. She kept both cat and dog food in recycled coffee containers but … Continue reading

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