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Yesterday, we finished up working on the condo that we have been repairing for the past 6 weeks or so. I put the ceramic tile back that I had to remove to get the dishwasher out (A hazard of putting … Continue reading

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ah-one and a two and ah-three.

This month’s readers digest carries the startling statistic that the average American passes gas between 14 and 23 times daily. It didn’t say how many of those are caused by having a finger pulled but I would venture to say it’s … Continue reading

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blogging for the hell of it.

I have been remiss the past few weeks in posting to this site because I have been busy doing other things. We are about to wrap up the remodel of our condo and it should be  ready to rent next … Continue reading

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Monroe Gray (or Grey)

I would like to go on record as predicting that this just re-elected Indianapolis city councilman will resign before his term is completed. I would also like to say to the  people in his district who voted for him despite his … Continue reading

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Greg Ballard.

In a stunning upset yesterday,  Greg Ballard was elected mayor of Indianapolis over the incumbent Bart Peterson. The reasons given include the obscene property tax increase, the crime rate, the county income tax increase, the combining of the sheriff’s and … Continue reading

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