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Enough, already!

Okay, so about 100 spectators showed up to watch this.  You can get more people than that to watch my neighbors 1989 Ford F150 rust away.  It was hardly worth a front page mention. I wonder what the average IQ … Continue reading

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The finished version.

The post following this one entitled ‘A party for Dannielynn’ started out as just another entry.  After I wrote a few hundred words, I decided I might as well get paid for what I was putting out there so I … Continue reading

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A party for Dannielynn and I hurt my foot.

On friday evening, I was standing at the kitchen stove working on a batch of bean soup.  (actually, where else would the stove be? I suppose that phrase originated in the days when there was a stove or some sort … Continue reading

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Some people have falling leaves. I have Susie’s feet.

If you don’t get to read either of the Morgan County papers or the Loogootee Tribune, here’s the link to last week’s column. 

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Should I sue somebody??

Pepsi Cola has announced that it is bringing out another version of Gatorade. It is to be called G2.

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The end of a story.

Last winter, shortly after New Year’s I wrote a column which I am reprinting here.            A few weeks ago, we spent the day cleaning Fionna, the  RV that serves as our winter home. We needed to clear some space … Continue reading

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when you really stop to think about it…

I have been limiting what I eat now for several weeks and I have begun to realize how much food I used to eat.  All those buffets restaurants; Golden Corral, Ponderosa, Shoney’s, Cici’s Pizza, Mama Rose’s, all the Chinese places, even the … Continue reading

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Yet another sunrise. (Thank goodness I’m still here to see them.)

I was up early and walked the 600 feet to the road and got the Sunday paper. The sun was just beginning to peak through the trees and across the road, there was an unbelievably beautiful pastoral scene with cows … Continue reading

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Imagine my surprise!!

I was out this morning watching the hummingbirds and what to my surprise, these two apparitions appeared. “Why, it’s the good fairies!” I cried. “We are not fairies and please don’t call us that. We’re butterflies.” The bigger of the … Continue reading

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Is this better???

A week or so ago, I published a picture of myself with a chainsaw and a stump that I had just created. I received some disparaging remarks about the experience; some things to the effect that, indeed, size does matter. … Continue reading

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