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three hours of primordial, hot and sweaty, stripped down to the bare kernel of our being, togetherness.

We’re not going to starve this winter, thanks to my good friend, Larry Clements, who grows sweet corn by the bushel. Susie and I spent 3 hours last wednesday morning ‘putting up’ 10 dozen ears of corn.  That explains the title … Continue reading

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Okay, so I’m not what’s his name.

I’m having a Senior moment here. I know he runs around with Babe the blue ox, but his name has completely slipped my mind. Daniel Boone, maybe?? No, that’s not right. Any way, I don’t think any of his lumberjack … Continue reading

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Cue the twilight zone music.

We ran into a horrendous rain storm on our way home from Maine a couple of weeks ago. I was following the taillights of a late model Monte Carlo Chevrolet hoping that he could see where we were going but … Continue reading

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The end of another chapter…

My newspaper column for this week.   It’s not even remotely funny. 

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I was really worried that she might turn out to be a Mime. No more.

It now appears as if our granddaughter, Riley Marie may have some talents in the stacking arena. How much do professional stackers make, anyway?  She learned this trick from her Great Aunt Julie in California, who has been stacking things … Continue reading

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Looks like she has the last laugh.

A new story on the interment of Leona Helmsley. I doubt that the devil even wants her.  “No. No, big guy. That’s all right. You go ahead and take her up there.”  Gaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!!!!

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Win one for the gipper????? Not exactly.

The things you find in the Sports section….. A story in the Indy Star Sports section (right next to the Michael Vick dog strangling story) tells the heart rending story of a high school football player who was shot 3 times … Continue reading

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I expect the Harley Hotel folks are celebrating.

I remember back in the last century when Leona  uttered her ‘little people’ remark. Now I wonder how she would have felt knowing that her obituary (and her legacy) is to be known as the queen of mean.)  

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A monumental day…..

Since my diabetes diagnosis a few weeks ago, I have been trying to shape up some so I don’t have to take medicine to control my sugar. I also went to a dietician to see if I could find out … Continue reading

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Who is this woman and is “star” an adjective or her first name?

And what is it she does??  I see her picture in all the checkout lanes and now she’s in my damn newspaper. I can’t even turn to Dagwood or Funky Winkerbean without having to get by her.

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