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you want to see something sad??

I read this story in the USA TODAY newspaper.  I can’t imagine any good coming out of this. I’m reminded of my own efforts to turn my kids into sports and/or rock stars and I’m ashamed of what I did to … Continue reading

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Friday at Grandma’s.

Grandpa’s little helper is ready to help with anything and so naturally, when we were getting ready for our trip to Maine, she wanted to participate. I suppose I should take advantage of her eager willingness to help with the … Continue reading

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I want a new crock pot.

When we’re running around the country in our RV, I have found that putting some fixin’s in a crock pot and letting ’em simmer all day makes for a tasty meal in the evening. Unfortunately, our old CP gave up … Continue reading

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a little bit of nostalgia

My effort this week for the Reporter-times. It seems like I’m writing more and more of these ‘tug at the heart strings’ type of columns instead of my normal sarcastic humor. Maybe I’m ready to tackle a romance novel. I … Continue reading

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I had it pegged at about 11.4

The National cattlemen’s Beef Association has announced that Americans consumed 11.3 billion burgers in 2004 and again in 2006,  including fast food and in-home meals.  Where in the hell do they come up with something like that? Surely they didn’t … Continue reading

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Now why does this bother me??

Major League Baseball is using specially marked baseballs when Barry Bonds comes up to bat.  Barry Bonds breaking Hank Aaron’s home run record makes me really sad even though I don’t even care one fig about baseball; I’d rather watch my … Continue reading

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A real man bites dog story.

Breaking news: gunfire at Indiana Black Expo. 

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