Outlaw the death penalty???? Hah!

 It seems as if there is always a move afoot in one state or another to ban the death penalty.  Perhaps some group will get it done and stop the painless executions of some of their citizenry. These proposed bans, unfortunately, do not include the halting of the slow excruciating torture subjected upon the citizens by requiring occasional interactions with the government machinery. The stress on one’s heart when encountering state rules and regulations that have no real purpose must have contributed to the shortened life spans of thousands of  citizens. It’s too bad we don’t have figures on this atrocity; perhaps we would have a ‘Mothers Against Government Lunacy’ organization. 

Is there anyone out there who knows of a state that has reasonable, common sense regulations in their bureau of Motor vehicle department? Surely, there’s one somewhere. Surely.   



About geetwo

I am a 69 year old (in 2009) retired I.T. consultant. My wife, Susie and I travel in an RV 6 to 8 months a year. I write a humor / travel column for several print publications on a weekly basis.
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2 Responses to Outlaw the death penalty???? Hah!

  1. PI says:

    I was happy when Florida stopped those car inspections, until I got stuck behind someone with a faulty muffler. Thought I was going to die from carbon monoxide fumes!

  2. Bob says:

    Like your new website: http://www.gordongrindstaff.com
    It’s about time you had one!

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