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back home in Springtime Indiana.

This picture was taken from the road in front of our barn. The camper and barn are barely visible in the background.  The naked tree to the right is a black walnut. They are the last to get their leaves … Continue reading

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It’s mother’s day, grandpa!

I wandered out to the carport where Susie has her craft table and found Riley Marie busily working away on a project. She’s making something for her mom. I can’t tell you what because mom might look at this.  

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I see a lawsuit coming.

I went in to get our license plates when we got home and the lady asked me if I wanted the ‘In God we trust’ personal plate for no extra charge. “Sure, I said.” Hell, if its free, why not. … Continue reading

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Just when I was thinking about switching to the democratic party,

Al Sharpton opens his mouth and even worse, Michael Moore has crawled out of his hole looking for publicity.

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Good Lord, Mr Harvey.

On the Paul Harvey news show this morning, Mr Harvey was reading an advertisement for some company that insures against identity theft. He stated that just since January, 50 million americans have had their identity stolen. I know advertisers will … Continue reading

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reason 131 why we’re going the way of the Roman Empire.

A group has been formed to plead with Governor Terminator (I can’t spell schwartzanegger) on Paris Hilton’s behalf. This group wants the Guv to pardon Paris’s conviction on drunk driving.  Their reasoning. She brings beauty and excitement into their otherwise … Continue reading

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It’s probably not going to help my pecs.

eight years ago, at age 59, I walked the Indianapolis mini-marathon with some people from Eli Lilly where I was contracting at the time. I actually trained for it for several months and did the 13 plus miles with relative ease. There … Continue reading

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