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the end of the year for the tumbling class.

Riley Marie, my granddaughter, participated in the end of the year program for her tumbling class. The tumbling instructor requested that all the little girls wear a minimum amount of make-up.  The one little boy in that class did not … Continue reading

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Just when I swore off grouch.

I awoke early this morning to the sound of birds chirping and found myself to be at peace with the world. Then I read this little ditty. Another reason, we should just let New Orleans sink into the sea … Continue reading

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No curmudgeon? what is this?

I am trying not to post any curmudgeonly comments because it makes me sound like an old grouch and bsides that, life is too short to be grumpy. It’s hard, though. Oh Lordy, it’s hard.

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Is it just me or does everybody’s eggs do this?

I like to think I’m a pretty good egg fryer but I have this problem. When I crack the first egg and put it in the skillet, the yolk slides down to one side. Then when I crack the second … Continue reading

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Unbelievable the beauty man can accomplish.

On my recent visit to southern Indiana, I went to West Baden to see the restored West Baden Hotel next door to the new French Lick Casino. This place was built in the early 20th century and was visited by … Continue reading

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Maybe you can go back after all.

Somebody once said ‘You can’t go home again’ (?? Wolfe maybe?) or words to that effect.  Up until now I believed them but last week I went back to my hometown while Susie went to Georgia with a couple of … Continue reading

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Outlaw the death penalty???? Hah!

 It seems as if there is always a move afoot in one state or another to ban the death penalty.  Perhaps some group will get it done and stop the painless executions of some of their citizenry. These proposed bans, unfortunately, … Continue reading

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